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Help Us Protect Israel


How Hallel’s Force Was Founded?

We Need Your help! 

In order to protect ourselves

while fighting for our country


Who is Hallel’s Force?

We are navy soldiers enlisted into the army’s reserves, reinforcing security units in the West Bank. You might wonder, what do former naval warriors have to do with guarding on land in the heart of the country? Up until October 7th, 2023, absolutely nothing.


Released navy soldiers do not receive reserve duty. All naval ships are manned by navy soldiers participating in their regular service,

Despite having fired thousands of bullets, and having participated in many complex fighting mission throughout our own service, we’ve never been able to complete even one day of reserve duty. 


On October 7th, during the holiday Simhat Torah, as the news of the atrocities committed by Hamas began spreading across Israel, we knew that that we could not simply let our brothers in Givati and the Paratroopers stand in the line of fire while we, former navy soldiers, sat at home


By turning to the IDF and speaking with parliament members, we’ve been able to join the forces to help protect our country. Today, as a result of our strong efforts, we reinforce local security units in the West Bank, and throughout Israel.


Where Does Your Money Go?

The innovative IDF has done the impossible! Navy warriors are now undergoing proper ground force military training for the first time in the entire history of the State!


Our country is at war. We are fighting for our existence, and we will do all that is necessary to safeguard our home. Since our new forces didn’t exist prior to the war—we’re experiencing a shortage of defensive gear for our soldiers. 

The raised funds will go directly to the purchase of ceramic vests, helmets, and other tactical gear suitable for the various missions we receive.


We’re in the News

Who Was Hallel
of “Hallel’s Force”?

Hallel Yaniv HYD, was a soldier and deputy commander of patrol ships in the Trigon Division of the Israeli Navy. Hallel and his brother Yagel were killed by terrorists on their way home prior to operation “Iron Sword”. Hallel was passionate about his homeland, Israel. If he were still alive today, he would join us now in our efforts to protect our country. Since day one, Hallel’s family has accompanied us in establishing Hallel’s Force. We have received their support and permission to name our Force after him. We fight for Israel in memory of our beloved comrade Hallel.

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Hallel Yaniv HYD

Navy Soldier, Deputy Commander
in the Trigon Division

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